Ace Store

Terms Of Services

1 - You must pay the amount of the service before delivery. The request will not be started if you do not pay in advance.

2 - In the event of payment, it is forbidden to request a refund, but it is allowed to change the product before starting work.

3 - The warranty on each product that is shown to you before purchase and the products whose duration is described is considered a guarantee.

4 - The customer is not entitled to request a refund in the event that the request is received in full.

5 - All orders take up to 15 minutes - a maximum of 24 hours to be completed after payment.

6 - The cost / terms of service are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

7- By purchasing from the store, you agree to the store rules.

We hope that you will follow the aforementioned laws, and thank you.